Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I got some time on my computer yesterday. At home I mean, at work I stare it too much already. What did I do?
* Check AH in WoW, make new auctions and purchase new items to sell - 1 hour
* Login and drive five races in Upshift Strikeracer : 55 minutes (including learning everything from zero)

I wonder which is more fun...

Ah, nevermind. That car racing with guns blazing brought so many memories from the tabletop gaming era, that there is no question about it. CarWars of the modern era, definitely. Even though I hate racing games (I seriously lack the ability to drive imaginary vehicles on screen) and resent PvP, this game is good, clean FUN! It's fast, furious and easy to learn, and one race takes only about 10 minutes minutes depeding on the group entering the race.

It's racing, it's PvP and it's tweaking the cars (later on). The best part is that it's free to play and seems to be stable enough to keep even the full track going. Ok, I have to admit that it's a bit shallow on the story side, and that the graphics are not quite en par with the latest console games, but it runs smoothly and is pleasing enough to keep me at least occupied every now and then. Even in the summer, as it's bound to rain every now and then!

What did I gain in WoW? Cashed some 200g profit only to make purchases with 170g. We'll see when I get the time to cash what I posted.