Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Step back and take a new look

I haven't been playing lately: during the last week or so I've logged in only three times, only to check AH and guild bank development. Obviously the rest of the guild has done the same, as there are only few toons which have logged in within the last month or so.

What ever the case, I noticed a nice thing yesterday as my trader toon was standing at the Auctioneer in Darnassus: It seems that I'm paying more attention to the details in the scenery than I have since my first run through the big city. I wonder if this is true with other toons and other places in game.

So I'm bound to challenge you all: forget the mechanics, forget the excessively grinded quests and quest lines and especially forget the fact that you've seen it all a million times. Take a step back from the adventuring/levelling up grind you have succumbed into, and take a new look into the game: Look it in the eyes of a newcomer, taking nothing for granted.

I was surprised of what I saw and what I noticed. How come I had missed the slowly swinging bags of the Auctionhouse?! Or the changing colours of the leaves around the Sacred Grove?

Open your eyes and see WoW through the eyes of a newcomer, and you'll be surprised.

Oh, and this goes with all other games, too: just forget the mechanics and the grind, and the world the game is depicting will change completely. If not forever.