Monday, May 25, 2009

Summertime low downs


For myself, the summertime routines are starting: the weather gives more than amply the opportunities to exercise with the dogs and the gardening, the weekends are filled with competitions and trainings and all in all, everything points to the fact that my playing will get scarcer and farther apart. In addition to that, Gatheryn opened the pre-registration for it's Beta, something I've been waiting for sometime now and Earthrise is nearing the point, too. It's not that I'd be bored with WoW or anything, but these two open up genres which I haven't explored as of yet, except in pen and paper RPG's. Which is completely different.

Talking about boredom brings up this question in my mind: what will happen to WoW's subscriber count after the summer lowbies and already apparent WotLK burnouts put together? Summers have usually been pretty quiet in MMO's, with the 'high season' being around Christmas time, so the amount of active players will be considerably lower by nature. But this combined with the generic WotLK burnout and possible Ulduar specific burnouts, what will be the outcome of this low season to the overall subscriber count?

Remains to be seen. The playing field is slowly evening out in the sense of competition and genres in the MMO market. Now the free-to-play games are coming with even greater force, putting more emphasis on the quality and playability than former AAA-class games.

We're surely living interesting times.