Monday, June 1, 2009

Browser playing for a change

We are being 'blessed' by a heat wave:the temperature is easily above 25 deg.C, and has been so over the weekend. This naturally has somehow diminished the interest in sitting by the computer and playing time consuming games like WoW.

What I have been playing, though, are pretty simple browser based games like MyBrute and Legends of Zork in addition to the Mafia Wars over at Facebook. Especially the first ones mentioned have been life savers in the way that they require just a few clicks, are fun and recharge till tomorrow.

I've also played some quick games of Pandemic-2, a java based game in which you play the part of a disease, with the sole intention to infect and kill all the people in the world. The curse of Madagascar however prevents me from killing everyone, as that one island is neigh impossible to infect... It just comes too much down to luck, I guess.

In WoW, because that's what you are interested in anyway, I've been doing some nice AH deals. It seems that there are some people who are selling Overcast Belts at outrageously low prices on the server I'm in, and I'm reaping some nice 200g profit from reselling them. Not that I have anything to complain, it just makes my AH game more enjoyable, but only shows how little some people follow the ways of the AH. It also shows how careful and cautious I am, as there are few of the Ulduar Epics readily available at reasonable prices, only waiting for flipping: however, due to my cautiousness I'm not willing to put 3000g into a stuff I might sell for 5000g on Friday. Only because I might get burned with it and the money doesn't exactly grow in trees for the low level people like me.

Next weekend is cold and rainy. We'll see how that goes in the gaming front then.