Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three and one again

Despite of the fact that my wife is working in a strange shift and is away about 12 hours a day, and I have to take care of the household (kids and dogs in first priority), I decided to login WoW yesterday. As it happens, I'm trying to level the professions which have been outlevelled by both the Tank and the Healer, so much so that their performance is gimped even in levelling.

When I logged in, I found out that Förgelös was online, so off we went to Winterspring to a)grind some runecloth and b)to grind some reputation for the Timbermaws. And as I was there with Pupunen, the Healer, to gain some exp to get to the groove and Outlands (she's now 53, so there is some work to do, still).

After some time we decided to go to Eastern Plaguelands: granted, it's a bit over the level range for Pupunen, but we thought that one lv65 Rogue could keep her safe and get the high level quests done. And so it was: easy as summer evening.

Whence came Bishopgeorge online. And I switched to the Tank, with whom -after some deliberation- the Three Stooges entered Stratholme. Where Laiskajaakko last time suffered severely from the Cadaver Worms disease, there was a stroll in the park this time with a proper healer to take care of the darn disease. Before we could enter the instance proper, Solaire came online and we had a nice foursome.

Stratholme, though burned down and desolate place, is in fact a very interesting. Too bad we had the high gear on, and we were just running from mob to another without a real plan or even understanding what the instance was about. I guess we downed some minor bosses, but we didn't even take the time to reach for the main bosses, Baron Rivendare and Balnazzar. As I checked the info from WoWwiki, I noticed that we downed almost all minibosses from the Scarlet Crusade side and a couple from the Undead side.

Not too shabby from a group of tourists.

Well, next time we know what to aim for. This time we only cleared the floor.

What I noticed, however, that doing even the unknown instances above their intended level is in fact very, very boring: tank and spank, whatever the mob might be. The concept of speed levelling through instances seems even more interesting, but only in the special case that you can do the instances at their proper level. And at the current state of the game, you really over level the content way too fast. The thought came to me also when I performed the famous Triage: whence it formerly trained you to multitask for the raiding, it's now an annoyance: there is no training for the future instances nor working in groups.

There doesn't seem to be any balance anymore with the levelling game, instances and raiding game. Levelling game is way too easy and soloable, instances are annoyance except for select few and the raiding game requires skills which the earlier part of the game doesn't provide. The raiding game is also pretty much confined currently gearwise, too, as the people who have been running the current end game are looking for the harder Achievements and even the PUG requirements are getting tighter and tighter. I noticed yesterday that there were some achievement runs for which they asked for the earlier achievements...

The gear gap will become even harder to overcome, when the raiding scene moves on to Ulduar with its phat loot.

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