Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools errand

Today is not a good day to blog. If you're dead serious, you get taken as Aprils Fool. If you're goofing around, you're just doing whatever everyone else is doing.

So I'm not blogging today.

C out


Ysharros said...

Same here. I'm not funny enough for fooling Aprils.

Copra said...

Please, stop fooling April! That's not nice nor polite to fool someone for one whole day.

Besides, slavery is generally not accepted in the civilized areas, so whoever this April is having as her fool should sue her. Unless being paid generously for being the fool.

Not funny. Not funny at all.


Pete said...

I was doing an April Fool's post for my other job this morning and I was going to do a little paragraph about the origins of the 'holiday.' Come to find out it isn't really known for sure, and its been going on a LONG time. For some reason I thought it was a fairly "new" event.

At least, according to wikipedia ( Of course, that page might be a big joke. Hmmm...

Copra said...

These old traditions are so darn hard to track. Romans had their Hilaria-celebration at around this time of year, and Hindus have had their Holi-celebration around the end of March since Shiva ascended, so the roots of fooling around and -more profoundly- fooling others on a specific day are deep in the bowels of time.

Nevertheless, it's a bother and taken too seriously anyhow. Saw only couple of clever jokes around, and Blizzards 'Pimp my mount' nor Google's weren't among them.

C out