Friday, April 3, 2009

Missing trade goods

Levelling a profession without the gold to purchase the required materials is a drag. Then again, the grinding is even more of a drag. If the levels were filled equally, there would be enough lower level gatherers and looters to keep the AH stacked with the materials over the level and profession skill levels.

However, this is not the case, at least not in the first generation servers like Thunderhorn-EU. The level range of the toons is very, very top heavy, and the levelling through 20-60 content is ultra fast, even though the 40-50 levels of death are still revered as such. I've noticed, however, that the current speeding up of levelling has in fact taken that hellish grind stage off, and the level range 40-50 has become 50-58, only to speed up at the entry to Outlands.

The result in the materials available is clearly seen in AH: Mageweave is almost non-existing, Runecloth is pretty scarce. Both being the 40-55 range stuff. I also heard the same from my brother who's toon is Leatherworker: certain leathertypes are missing from AH or are extremely overpriced, mostly due to the fact that they are scarce.

Sadly, this leads to the fact that if a new player comes into the game, s/he will face the burdens of outlevelling the content and at the same time outlevelling the 'natural' ways to get the materials needed for the professions. Double burden.

And it's of no use to start training the professions when the toon is capped, if there is no supply of the materials in the market. Add grind to the grind for the raid buffs, repairs and getting the gear to be able to enter the raids...

Ouch. Not a pretty picture.


Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily know exactly how "top heavy" my server is, but I had only assumed it would be that way on the majority of servers - that everyone has reached 80 by now (or are considerably close) and so naturally it would follow that there would be a lack of mid-level trade goods.

Extremely annoying, I will admit as well. It makes picking professions a rather hard choice - do you start with your crafting profession now and slowly work it up and hope the skill stays current? Or two gathering skills to save gold until 80, which you will promptly throw away on mats when you level your crafting profession?

We need a mid-level renaissance.

Copra said...

My toons proved the hypothesis tonight, as I deliberately checked the AH from this point of view: the lower level herbs have dropped in price and are abundant, low level cloth is abundantly on market and leather, too. So the levelling up of inscription has passed the lower skill levels.

Most probably 3.1 will contain some minor tweaks on this, but soon we'll be in a situation where there are no low nor mid level materials available.

Hello new grind!