Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blasting through boredom

Laiskajaakko took a different route yesterday: I set his foot upon the Teldrassil lian soil, making the Night-Elf starting area, Shadowglen . In a breeze the beginning area was cleared and he was parked for rest in Dolanaar inn.

What a joy it is to put the lv1 and 2 creatures out of their misery with a nicely placed Thunderclap. Or watch the scurrying little spiders bite themselves dead on this hero's armor.

Reputation run can be fun when you don't anything else to do except curse for the UI that has yet again failed you after the patch, even though each and every AddOn works perfectly.

Oh, yes, and why the heck has Auctioneer been included in updates? It broke immediately after the update.

Shame on you, Curse.