Monday, April 6, 2009

Another weekend, another level

Yup. Played during weekend and like I tweeted earlier, I did manage to get something done ingame. Got Laiskajaakko up to lv68. And got his bs and mining up to decent level: not up to Outlands, yet, but up and coming.

Went on a PUG to Mana Tombs, and noticed this out levelling problem again: within that one run in a beautiful and short instance I gained half a level without noticing. So currently it's quite possible to out level the whole content of Outlands just by pugging with decent people and running the instances in succession. I remember people reporting that Outlands was easy to level, but this is ridiculous. I've already passed almost all areas except Hellfire Peninsula and I'm almost out of the proper level range for the whole Outlands!

Ok, I took the scenic route to Netherstorm: I just love the visuals of the Blade's Edge Mountains and Netherstorm: finally the eye candy I was waiting for Burning Crusade to be! Next time I play -and have some spare time- I'll just run around Blade's Edge and admire the scenery.

Back to the Mana Tombs: I went there as a complete noob, because I really don't remember anything about the place from my initial run. Either I was too tired, too drunk or both (most likely), but the whole Mana Tombs was just a blur. The PUG I was invited to (!) consisted of lv69 warrior, lv66 Pally, lv63 Druid and lv65 Warlock. Pally was the healer and honestly speaking he did great job. First time I have enjoyed the company of a paladin, ever.

But the rest of the group: Warlock was ok, did adequate dps on all mobs. The druid, while in cat form (feral he was I thinks), performed up to the level he could. But the other warrior. The three levels above me, his DPS was lacking from mine, his TPS was several hundreds below mine and overall, his performance was something I kept wondering about. His spec was arms/prot, which should be very viable tanking spec as far as I understand. But his DPS and overall damage were below mine all the time! Even the Druid was better in some battles!

I couldn't help but wondering.

But then again, we did great: two wipes, one because I didn't pay attention to the Pandemonius' void shifting period (well, neiher did anyone else...) and another because of a bad pull from the other warrior. So yes, the tanks ruined the run this time. Everything else were just pushovers for the team.

Would have been nice to run the rest of Auchindoun with this PUG, but alas, the time didn't permit it.

The rest of the level came from sightseeing Shadowmoon Valley (a couple of quests in there, too) and Blade's Edge and Netherstorm. I feel OP in the areas with the tanking capabilities: I haven't met a single normal mob anymore which would cause any trouble by itself. In fact, a couple of normal lv70's mobs feel still pushovers.

My gear isn't that great, mainly from Hellfire Citadel. So I must take it that the mobs are just weak.

Or is it something else?


Azariel said...

Do remember that you've actually taken the time to know your class, and know what your doing...don't underestimate the player behind the character...

Copra said...

That might be my point: the out levelling of both content and challenges nowadays makes the general player material pretty incapable of doing what they should have learned to do during their levelling.

Let's see what happens when this populace hits the level cap: too soon, too fast and without any understanding they'll be hitting the wall and either quitting or complaining how the end game is too hard.

And quitting after that.

I know I've taken my time to level and will take even more time to cap. Most probably I'll never cap if I out level the content this rate, as I will go through as much of it as possible. This, however, means a dungload of alts...

We'll see.

Thanks for the compliment, though.

C out

Crucifer said...

I was asked to take a group through Nexus Normal as a Prot Pally level 80; they were all in their 70's with none above 72.

None of them had any idea what a Line of Sight Pull was or that DPS should not top the Tank's Threat range, so I had to educate them about that too.

On an aside, Tanking is only really of paramount importance when dealing with more than 3 opponents at the same time or a Boss. If instances were filled with groups of 3 with no bosses to kill, Tanks would be out of business until Raids.