Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini-games and me..

By Azariell

Its been a while since I last made a post but I've been attempting to tone down my online/PC time. Suffice to say it didn't work, but did have some consequences for my online game play.

First of all, I figured the best way to reduce game-time was to stop raiding again. Sad thing is, that I only started raiding not too long ago. However, as this was a health based decision, the raid group could live with it and wished me all the best.

This, however, did bring be back to my old habits of thinking up mini-games or better said small achievements to entertain myself with. You see, I've been playing since about 2005 and for the first 3-4 years I didn't raid simply because I did not have 'fixed' free time slots. Remember, this was all in the era without the fancy blizzard achievements.

So pre-WotLK for example I had smaller projects such as completely focusing on making money for that epic flyer, but also things such as collecting all materials needed to level tailoring from 0-375 (only getting the tailoring profession after I was done with the collecting). Most people actually thought I was insane and did not understand that I still found the game interesting...

The same situation occurs now, and I've found joy again in the 'simpler things in life' or simpler things in WoW sorta say... I've started the process needed to obtain the Venomhide ravasaur mount, next to that I'm leveling my DK to 80 with a side 'quest' that I want to have enough PVP currency (WG marks and honor-points) to buy a few pieces of starter gear when I hit 80, and a similar personal quest with the argent crusade tokens.

The stupid thing is that as soon as I started raiding I more or less had to 'abandon' playing any of my other toons as I didn't really have time to really play them. Now, I actually can enjoy the different classes again and do all the little personal sub-quests/achievements that blizzard throws at us...

So, What do you guys think? Do you also have little personal achievements? Or can't you believe that someone can find WoW interesting without raiding the end-game?