Thursday, October 8, 2009

Podcasts I listen

Over the past few weeks I've indulged myself into the world of gaming podcasts. There are few I'm trying to follow, but I thought I'd list the ones that I have been following lately. They are in no particular order of preference, so take care and read my comments on them with a grain of salt. And no, they are not all WoW related by far.

Van Hemlock podcast
The one I love the most: the quality is superb both soundwise and content wise. Mind you, not WoW related mostly. Definitely worth the time, always looking for the next show to come up. Splendid effort from the guys!

All Things Azeroth
The podcast which got me lured into listening to podcasts. Medros and Graece host a wonderful show of all things Azeroth and WoW related, with some sidestepping occasionally to the overall gaming issues. Excellent content.

Inside Azeroth
This podcast is a bit of a dilemma to me: it's fast, furious and occasionally funny, but the raunchy word usage and fanboyish raving from time to time dims the light of the excellent and thoughtfull content. If you can take the occasional rants and f-words, surely worth the time to listen to the general thoughts and ideas of these guys.

Channel Massive
The more I listen to this, the more I like it. Not WoW related mostly, so for the ones who like MMOs' and games in general. Great big fun usually and the chemistry of the hosts works excellently.

Shut Up. We're Talking.
Great show, sadly a bit lengthy one each time. Great content about MMO's and games in general with guests and all.

Twisted Nether Blogcast
If you want to know what's going on in WoW blogosphere, TNB is THE authority in it. Great show from Fimlys and Nibuca with guest hosts from all over the WoW bloggers community.

Banstick Podcast
Hudson (Hudson's Hideout) put up a podcast and the result is... stunning! Just brilliant and witty, like his blog used to be is, definitely worth the time to listen to these guys chat about MMO's and games they play. Even WoW now...

Kreeoni started a podcast a while ago with David, concentrating on running and managing a Guild in WoW. Excellent choice and I wish they have the feedback and stamina to go on with this. The first three shows I've heard so far have been excellent in content and I sincerely recommend this to anyone interested in how the guilds work, what the GM's do and how Kreeoni and David see things differently due to their different guilds and policies (Kreeoni's concentrates on 25man hc content, while David's in 10man hc).

The overall length of the typical podcasts are from 50minutes to a bit over 2 hours, latter of which is a bit of a problem for me as my drive lasts about 1h 15minutes... and my darn phone doesn't understand how to ff a MP3...

So if I have one request for the podcasters, it is that Please make your shows fit the 1h to 1.5h limit! There is plenty of time to get it done within that timeframe, just like Van Hemlock does!

If there are other excellent -and short enough- podcasts you would like to recommend, please leave a comment. Thanks!