Monday, October 5, 2009

Glory and despair (yawp)

Yet another weekend post.

The topic summarized the weekend in WoW for me. And in chronological sequence, even.

Friday was one of the funniest, rewarding and interesting WoW days I remember ever having. First of all, lengthy  Twitter-chats of Thursday about Tanking gear took into realization as I got the few Emblems of Conquest I so severely needed for the Conqueror's Siegebreaker Breastplate, which was a huge improvement to my gear set for now. And for a pretty long time into the future, too. However, the breastplate has so much lower defense than my earlier one, that I'm still struggling with it until I get three more Emblems of Triumph and get my hands on the Clutch of Fortification, another sweet piece to serve me for a long time. Another sweet piece of gear was the Peacekeeper Blade, which will be my beloved friend for some time, too. ToC loot piñata gave all and then some with the emblems!

All this came to be with the guild alt running in ToC hc and normals, and completed the night at around 3 am for me in Gundrak heroic, in which we ran a solid clear run. The best part for me was the fact I was tanking and it worked. Only to remind me on Saturday that it isn't always so, because that ToC was pain and misery for me due to the fact that I found out that I cannot tank multiple bosses at same time. The three bosses we had were the hunter, rogue and the shaman, and for one reason or another the guild party we had just couldn't nail the bosses. Not until Windavell changed to his main and took care of the hunter who was the main culprit of the misery: just couldn't keep him on me while backing off of the rogue's poison. A small issue was noticed later as I couldn't see the difference between our DK's spells and the ground effects of the Black Knight die to my low video settings... might help me later on!

And stupid me: after running the daily on Saturday, I logged off and got lured to watch Watchmen movie with the family... forgetting completely to return the daily quest and thus locking me off from the Sunday's daily...

Oh, well. On Sunday I kept working on the Sons of Hodir reputation, which is quite nice and involving quest chain. Long chain for a change, even though the quests themself do not reward with enough reputation for exalted which is needed for the sweet shoulder enchants. But then again, more dailies in Halls of Lightning and Halls of Stone will provide ample amount of Relic's of Ulduar to shorten the time needed to do daily quests for the Sons.

That's about the weekend.

Overall this weekend taught a lot and proved me again what I wrote earlier about the three different games in one: the gearing game is completely different from the levelling game and surely requires a total paradigm switch from the player to be enjoyable. This can be helped by a helpful and active guild, as guilds tend to allow more in the game experience and thus give the possibility for a newcomer to grow up and learn the tricks of the trade, be the class whatever.

That is, if the guild has the resources, time and will to work out with the newcomers in the gearing part instead of total focus to the raid end of the game.

But what do you think: how much should be expected from the guild in exchange for your entertainment? Should the game be only for your own fun and guilds and other groups be just your playground of fun and laughter?

And how much should the guild be willing to put up with newcomers needing to gear while the guild's focus is in the raiding game?