Monday, September 14, 2009

Just on the verge

I almost pushed enter after typing "Fuck. I quit." in the guild channel yesterday. As I today opened my reader, one of the first posts I read was Oakstout's post about the end game in WoW boring the living daylights off of him. Not only that, but on the server I am it's next to impossible to even ENTER the darn game.

The reason I got so crossed was the fact that Bishopgeorge finally got to lv79 and almost immediately got into a group doing the Violet Hold. He was asked to come. Begged even. And this proves my point, a point both Tobold, Gevlon and many others have written about lately: the level cap is very much broken and the tanks especially are expected to be something super. Even though healers and tanks are of high request at the cap, the tanks seem to be under more strict scrutiny over their stats than healers ever.

Don't get me wrong, tanks are super. It's the expectations of the rest of the populace, mainly dps, that are strangely off. Tanks should be uncrittable, with 22k HP and 25k armor when they hit the cap. For a healer it's enough to be able to heal through the instance, no real requirements at the moment. Just as long as they tag along and do their job adequately in a normal instance. Like I wrote sometime ago, if there is a LFM request for a tank, it's 99% for a heroic one. That 1% actually is already a dual spec tank/dps and will switch to tank if he must.

Maybe I'm too honest about my lack of stats and maybe I'm too nice to tell people about the lack, too. Bishopgeorge commented my outburst that he won't tell the party he's in there for the first time, so he won't get kicked out. I have the habit of telling before entering the group because I don't see no reason to waste my nor the rest of the groups time in /kick /invite cycle. And sure as hell I won't sit in a Lagalan... I mean Dalaran lagfest spamming LFG in /trade for hours on end to get the group to a normal instance only to get in there and start the same cycle again. I feel that I can do something else with that time... like do the dailies to all the factions I can to have a snowball's chance in hell to get at least one decent piece of gear outside the guild runs!

The uncrittable cap seems unattainable at the moment: I'm sitting on 529 def at the moment without a clear vision on how to improve that at all, without spending my nest egg completely or winning in a lottery. Due to this, I don't dare to look for heroics outside the guild and there are next to no opportunities for normal runs which would even offer the slightest improvement (except in giving rep to the faction of choice).

And if someone comes and tells me that it's not in the gear but in the skill, I wipe their face with my... nose. It's all about the gear at this point, no doubt about it. I have started to build up a dps set to even be of some help in guild daily heroics, and each gear upgrade pulls my dps up a 100-200 points. It's not about learning the rotation anymore after spending a whole day (almost 10 hours) in learning and tweaking. It's about those additional points in +hit and +STR which increase the dps, no doubt about it.

I honestly hate being dps. But if it's the only route to the light, I'm willing to take that burden.

Still, the game at the cap is boring, repetitive and frustrating grind to those not in the raid grind. There just isn't anything not repetive to do and there is nothing non repetitively gainable. Levelling has stories, advancement and joy of discovery, but cap doesn't have any of those. Without raid progress, I guess, but at the moment the grind is too grim.

I might quit if it wasn't the greatest guild and people in it. Perhaps I start sitting at the AH and count my coppers...