Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The more I play...

The more I play WoW, the more I hate the game. The soloability is excellent, but it's very hollow and empty. Kill ten foozles to get killing ten foozles. Maybe even kill fifty foozles to loot ten dohickles.

Not very interesting, really.

Add to that the fact that the current experience gains are so immense that you outlevel your content faster than ever. Laiskajaakko, my warrior, just dinged lv69 and has only done questing -serious questing- in two areas of the Outlands: Hellfire Peninsula and Netherstorm. All the rest has come from Old World or Hellfire Citadel. Ok, a couple of Mana Tombs and Shethekk Halls, but that's all.

Alone the questing is boring: either it's grinding boredom or running around the world boredom. The only bright spots in the mix are the few and scarce brilliant storylines that span over several quests, like The Battle of Darrowshire (still incomplete!) and Missing Diplomat. In Outlands there are few of those, too, but overall the amount of available quests just blurs the stories and questlines. You get to a quest hub and even though Tigole claims that players love to see their minimaps full of yellow exclamation marks, it really makes the scriptwriters job go down the drain: instead of having a few well thought out and involving stories the player is faced with ten plus separate storylines that cross or don't cross with each other. No wonder people don't take the time to read the quest text...

The only reason I'm playing is my brothers. Just duoing with either of them for a half an hour or a hour gives me more than several hours alone, including the bothersome PUGs.

Why cannot the grouping be easier and more rewarding? Sure it's rewarding already, as the speed to grind through the quests already makes levelling even faster, but...

I don't want to level faster! I want to experience the content, of which I'm depraved because there are no players in the older instances anymore!

Oh, crap. Time to take my medication. Maybe tomorrow I'll continue the 31 day posts.