Thursday, March 31, 2011

Intermission: traffic appreciation post

Last night, after reading a couple of emails we've been tossing to and fro with Larísa from the closed Pink Pigtail Inn I got this devastating urge to install Planescape: Torment on my computer. While I was hunting for a way to actually do that (as the four disk installer wouldn't even start the install) I began to think. That alone is pretty amazing, but this time the thought bubbled from the fact that I know where this blog's traffic comes from pretty decently and quite a lot of it has been coming from the same blog for some while now.

So I decided to break my normal policy of not discussing the blog statistics at all. Only because the major contribution of the linked traffic still comes through the forementioned Pink Pigtail Inn.

Werit has been quite a good contributor, too, even though I haven't had a single WAR related post, ever. There is this steady flow of readers from that blog, as well as odd few from the following, excellent blogs.

Stylish Corpse
Tank Like A Girl
Chappo's Opinion
Kill Ten Rats

Those are not in any particular order, and there are some I have seen in the logs (Kiasa, weflyspitfires, oakstout and so on), but haven't been there for the last few weeks for a reason or another.

The biggest single burst of traffic came from Tobold's post about his 'not a blogroll' in which this blog is presented among the greats of the gaming blogosphere, a honor I will not easily forget. The same blogs are in my roll, too, which was kind of nice to notice. Please use the blogroll, use the links and make the network work!

In the time of globalization and internet, the whereabouts of the traffic are not important. Sure I could break the linked traffic into countries and the 147 subscribers my FeedBurner informs this blog having, but what would be the value of that information. More important are the connections which are keeping the traffic up, showing the networking and the routes people come in (and go out).

Knowing that no man blog is an island and seeing that be true is a revelation in itself. To see a waterfall to close into a dribble and disappear on that island feels uncomfortable, but not totally disheartening. It only means that you have to go out there and make the connections even stronger and open up the dams to form another stream to burst.

It may happen, or it may not. Without trying you'll never know.

Oh, and the Planescape: Torment problem? In case the installation doesn't start on Win7, 64bit especially, you have to restart the computer in Safe Mode, make the installation and return the computer to the normal mode. This is done by Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt and write msconfig in there (press enter). Select tab Boot and check the Boot Options "Safe Boot" checkbox, apply, ok, restart as prompted and install PS:T. Return the computer to the original state by removing the tab in the Safe Boot checkbox. And after that, go through this list of added value. You won't regret it!

And one thing which most certainly interests me in the most used search words I've seen lately is do people not explore anymore? I mean, if the most of the incoming search engine traffic comes by "Where is Talon Stand" or "Talon Stand", then the player has to be extremely lazy and effective...

That's all for now, thank you readers for making this feel worth while!