Monday, March 21, 2011

Cap is closing (yawp)

What do you know? I was planning on playing a good dose of Rift, but ended up playing my Shadow Priest Pupunen through Uldum. Still just a bit short of dinging level 85 she's in the middle of the Harrison Jones quest chains, just bested that obnoxious Schnottz.

On the AH side I'm also closing on with the former cap - and my own goal. I'm sitting on 222 327g on my three main money crafting characters, of whom the jewelcrafter/alchemist is currently making the most of the profit. I was about to toss my gloves out of the ring earlier this week, when the Obsidium Shuffle suddenly seemed to get borked by few factors: excessive and cheap ore and incredibly low enchant mat prices, combined with just barely above cut and vendor prices of the cuts. The shuffle was for a short moment a balancing act between work and profit, until I noticed that the rare cuts had started to move. And the way they moved... Both cut and uncut rares are going now faster than I can restock them in the AH, most probably because I don't want to put too many in at a time. 5 at a time is enough for me, and over the weekend this has proved to be a good way because the prices have increased after each posing cycle.

About those Uldum quests. I have earlier read very excited posts about the smash the pygmies or gnomebliteration quests and quite honestly speaking, they were stupid and pointless. That's my opinion, though, but I do not see anything funny in smashing those pygmies with a huge mace or rolling over gnomes in a fusion reaction ball. Maybe I've lost my sense of WoW humour.

The other point I noticed was within the Harrison Jones quests. The first part was great, just the right spirit after you had killed the ten foozles and collected the rare kahookie. But the second one... IMO it just proves that Blizzard isn't concerned over the original basic fantasy status of WoW: instead they want to mix and mash everything in (like the goblin starter area, yuch) and basically break the whole setting they have been staging for the last six years. The Schnottz army wasn't any generic fantasy anymore, it was pulp fiction era fantasy. And as such it is way out of place in generic fantasy setting. Nazies shooting with smg's... Fo'hickles' sake!

Though I have to admit that some of the references to the Indiana Jones movies were pretty well done and some a bit too obviously 'overacted', the story flowed decently on rails. Never the less, I enjoyed the Ramkahen storyline more, with the way the designers have used their tools to the max, making a real 'you are the hero to save us' feel in the game. But is this the MMO way to do it? Or single player way?

Gnomore got some love, too, and I was really, honestly and genuinely surprised how many non-violent quests there are in Ashenvale! Not even through with all of them yet, and I managed to get two levels on him. He is a bit of a show off nowadays, but more of that later on.

All in all, quite a weekend. On the other side, the weekend game time will get less after this: spring is advancing, dogs have to get some exercise (I have to get some exercise, too!) and family issues pending.

Real life first. To the cap.