Friday, July 2, 2010

Three against the Pit of Saron

by Copra

The Three Stooges took up where they left last week: Ick&Krick in Pit of Saron. The fact is, that this fight is the training ground in movement and avoiding goo on the ground. The whole Pit is, actually, when you thing Garfrost with his Saronite Boulders and later the Scourgelord Tyrannus with the ice patches.

But now I'm going ahead of myself.

Garfrost was a kitten to our trio this time. Our biggest challenge over the whole play session was the uncanny ability of Bishopgeorge to dc without a notice, a trait which caused the most of our expertise to shine. To die spectacularily, that is.

So we couldn't do a thing with Ick/Krick last time we were around. But because the instance had been so much fun and was really the only way for Förgelös, Bishopgeorge and Laiskajaakko to advance towards the Icecrown Citadel in any ways, we were determined that we would get past that boss. Even if it took hours to suffocate them under our own dead bodies we would do it.

With each try we learned a lot. When to move, how to hit and when to charge. Förgelös found several new ways to keep his poisons on the monster over the explosions and chases, while I got the best of the movement and hittin at the same time: strafing is your friend as a tank.

It took us five tries to find the perfection, and down he went. Ok, a couple of more due to the disappearing priest, but five full tries. One of which was a reset because Laiskajaakko went too far and another because Bishopgeorge ran too far while being chased. The reason to the avoidance was that our damage dealer, mr. Mutilate, Förgelös, had found the end of his road in a pool of toxic waste. Or something.

The transition mobs to the tunnel were a crappy bunch. Three casters and inadequate dps to down anything within reasonable time took its toll, but we got there.

Scourgelord Tyrannus.

I'm starting to hate that guy. It became obvious pretty fast that we couldn't beat the enrage. After that point the blows were over 20k a piece and none of us could take that kind of punishment. We need more dps, straight direct damage.

That's where we left it. We will overcome that snob, I'm sure of that.

To add to my earlier post, we are undergeared for PUGs. Laiskajaakko being the highest in gs (4.9k), Förgelös lowest (around 4k after the gear from the run), we are below the 5.6-5.8 requirement in the PUGs currently. I checked several PUG calls from VoA to RS to ICC10, all stating the same range.

Here comes the "but" in this case: we are bloody dedicated and we know quite a bit about our classes. We play seriously but with a grin. Still we're out of the raiding because we haven't raided ever.

To me it seems that without any incentives to mentor new people to raids the future guild perks will only make the separation between raiders and casuals bigger. Guilds require people to create guild exp and gold, which the raiders will use to their best. There will be the raiders and the cattle, unless the system changes somehow.

That's what I'm afraid of.