Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Few short notes

by Copra

I'm still crossed about the RealID thing. Completely irrational rage and suspicion.

I'm stuck with my shadowpriest in cooking: the skill is at 288 and I don't seem to find a trainer with any recipes which would be better than green to go on. Either it's visiting a WoW tradeskill levelling site or waiting till Pilgrim's day for speed cooking quests.

Gear Wishlist and Elitist Armory get a very old gear for my shadowpriest, for some peculiar reason. I'm not amused by the fact that they show outdated stuff on her.

I'm removing Gear Score from my computer. It was fun as long as it lasted, but it's become more and more obvious that people are using it as the guide above all guides in PUG generation. Or how would you feel about someone calling for LFM Naxx10, achievements (all) and gs 5.9k+ ?! Seen that, and that wasn't the most outrageous yesterday.

Oh, and I cancelled my EVE subscription. Because of lack of time to play. Really. WoW, despite its flaws and inadequacies, showed its fun side again as I started playing my original main. Might as well switch my shadowpriest as my main because of that.

Heatwave is going on, I have a headache and can't sleep well. Thankfully my vacation is coming closer every minute.

That means, more minutes to play. Outside.