Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forgot to mention

by Copra

Aye, starting the beginning of this week I have taken on the Real Life which Tobold so excellently explained to everyone in his earlier post. This means in general that for the next few weeks I most probably will not be posting even though I might be playing quite a bit (guild has some real treaties planned, woot!).

Just a short note though. As I have now noticed, I found it a lot easier to gear my shadowpriest than my warrior tank. I don't know why, but I find the spriest gear easier to comprehend and select, whereas I'm all the time confused with my tanks gear. Ratingbuster and such are of no use as they do take the gems into their calculations on your current gear, but not those on the gear vendor has (and I haven't found a way to go around this: the earlier choices I have made by trying to calculate the gem effects have gone awry).

The other thing is the cost of gear. The amount of emblems needed is enormous after the initial heroic gear, at least to me it's a daunting number of abuse in heroics. With dps caster the whole heroics grind is much more fun than with the abused tank character, for reason I mentioned there. Tank=open for abuse, dps=unleash the full potential (it's tanks fault anyway). On the other hand, I have stood up for the tanks being abused when I've been playing with my spriest because I know that all the crap tank gets isn't justified. In fact, I've noticed that very small portion of it is really tank related, the main crap comes from the ranged dps who just unleash all their dps in one burst and claim that it's tanks fault that the aggro breaks.

Now I've seen all ICC till Mr. Cool (Lich King), and I have a bit mixed feelings about this all. Partly because my computer cannot handle the 25 mans at all, partly because it was much more fun as my spriest (even on 25 man) than with my protection warrior (in arms spec, melee dps), partly because... I didn't get any real upgrades. Oh, and the rain of Emblems of Frost from ICC is just incredible compared to anything else. No wonder people are calling for the "gs 5600+" PUG raids in the trade.

But then again, that only tells that the character has been in ICC, leeching emblems or not. It doesn't tell anything whether the player is capable to cope with the encounters or is capable of work in a PUG.

Which they seldom are, if  heroics are of any measure.

Have a nice summer, which still is out there!