Thursday, July 1, 2010

Even more confused

by Copra

Reaching lv80 with another toon caused a new surge of interest in the gearing game. Naturally, as it's the only 'game' left after getting to the level cap, save AH and achievement whoring.

But. As I go through the suggestion lists, specific forums and information, I'm getting more and more confused on how to gear a newly dinged character. The suggestions are either for a levelling build or for raiding build: there is nothing for the inbetween.

And the information from a site like Gear-Wishlist gives as 'top gear' such gearing options which are available only from the raid content: how the heck can a new character at level cap get into them, as the requirements are based on gearscore way above the reach of someone to whom even the tier 9 gear seems unreachable?!

As earlier with my protection warrior, I may well lose my interest in gearing my shadow priest. The extremely heavy current emphasis on the raid level gear seems so far out of reach that... it seems impossible.

Any ideas on how to overcome this and/or gear a character for PUGging even the more PUGged raids (ToC, Sarth, VoA)? I'd need that push for both my tank and shadowpriest.

Thank you in advance