Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a joke

In my desperation I took my son's challenge... and installed Battlefield Heroes. He's quite a cracker in FPS it seems, and I just cannot match his (chaotic) skills in the game.

But - to my surprise - I enjoyed immensely the first ten games I played through. The gameplay is fast, furious, free and very balanced. The commando isn't unbeatable, the Soldier isn't overpowered and the Gunner can be downed by the other classes. The game is fun because it's so balanced.

Then comes the comparison. As it has been said all over the blogosphere for as long as I have been reading it, the WoW version of PvP is a joke. After the few games of BH, I can only concur with this. What a joke WoW PvP is.

Sure, it feels fun, when the battleground teams are equal and/or your side is winning. But for the most of the time, the teams are not teams, but groups of individuals trying to gain as many kills as possible. In BH this happens, too, but those games are the poor ones: everyone knows and aims to gain the objectives (at least as far as I've seen) because that helps to advance your character more than the individual kill count.

As everyone is offered the same - or similar - toolset to work with, BH is much more a contest of skill and speed, rather than that of who's got the best gear or most tweaked skills. The main gripe I have with WoW, actually: min-maxing wins always.

Which was proven yesterday, when I ran the battleground finder for the first time: first game was a nice one because we played as a team to win the game, but the second was a terrible mess because we played like a group of teens in drugs. In the second game the opposing side had vastly superior gear, which was seen in the amount of hp, the average damage they generated and in the way they just danced away from the midst of damage dealing opponents.

Even though I liked and enjoyed BH for the few games, I still do not like PvP as whole. The mere competition doesn't drive me as much as a good lore and story.

But then again, I knew that already.