Friday, April 9, 2010

LFD and anonymity again

In my seek of fun in running heroics with my protection warrior, I have come to notice that my predictions about the LFD tool are becoming real. The anonymity of the battlegroup within the LFD brings up the worst in the little people reaching for 'greatness'. Mr. Joe Nobody is in his mind Mr. Übercool and has the right to abuse everyone in the group due to the fact that the others are 'noobs', 'crappy [insert class]' or 'stupid/idiot/retard'.

Example from a few days ago. I logged in and dialled LFD: seeking for fun in the random heroics. As a tank, my wait was short (but unnaturally long... over 10 seconds!), and we had to wait for a DPS for a while.

Halls of Stone. Great.

The first pull resulted an onslaught of insults from "crappy tank", "tank, r u retard!", "keep the aggro, noob" to the not-so-eloquent set of rude words. The reason: As a tank I did what I could while the dps ran rampant from one mob to another. The pull was for the first three dwarves, and I had initially established solid aggro on them, but the dps decided to pull the two iron golems into the play, too, which caused the cursing.

No-one died, but as I checked the dps meter, I noticed something peculiar. I was second in dps and first in overall damage done. I said to the party: "I may be crappy and I may be noob, but why am I at the top of the dps and damage?"

Needless to say, that was the final straw to the mister know-it all, who 1) insulted me even more and 2) left the group.

Mind you, my tank dps was 1.7k...

The rest of the instance (aka running straight to the end boss...) went without much problems, though the mage leading the dps from the start kept nagging on my 'inability to keep aggro' which wasn't because of my inability but his love of pulling adds to the game without finishing the earlier ones. And of the inability of the rest of the dps to deliver the damage to the mobs, too. I ended up finishing way more mobs than ever before.

In the end I was still second in dps and damage done. No thanks, only curses to take with me.

So it seems I'm not masochistic enough to enjoy the PUGging and being harassed by strangers. Could someone tell me where the fun is?