Friday, April 16, 2010

DK experience and a thought

All things planned went wrong yesterday. I had prepared to have some brotherly love, but alas, it never materialized. I had a backup plan to run my RP character from zero to ... well, to the beginning of a long journey.

Instead, I got stuck in the AH and crafting cycle. After which I took upon the jewelcrafting daily with my DK.

On the way to the spot where I knew I could easily kill the required proto drakes at lv70, I stopped by to do some mining on the cobalt nodes I found. At one point, in the Grizzly Hills, I dropped down and started mining, as a local wolf attacked. Lv74 mob literally jumped on me. And as I was struggling with that one, another joined the foray.

Now I have been making remarks on how playing a DK is facerolling through the content, which my 8 year old son can do and come at the top of dps and damage meters in instances (without understanding a word of English and never chatting in a group). In this case I have to say that DK is pretty much overpowered in levelling, because I killed those two without even breaking a sweat. I didn't need any potions, I didn't need any additional help, and my DK -unholy- and his ghoul companion could have taken one more easily.

Considering that a mob which is four levels higher can strike a crushing blow, I must have been a bit lucky for not having such to occur. But still: I would never imagine taking a four level higher mob - let alone two in overlapping succession - with my shadowpriest or - say - a boomkin druid.

However, this lead me to a thought about a trial on the sandbox elements of the game. Reading Tobold's recent post about the definition of a sandbox, the thought became more clear.

What would it be like to level up in WoW by not going by the quests, but by exploring and killing only when necessary?

I can hear people referring to good old MMORPG's along the lines of EQ, DAoC and UO, but I doubt the experience would be as grindy in feeling: after all, the world is huge and the areas are pretty well thought in this regard. You start from one end of the area and progress to the other.

Would that be worth a challenge?