Monday, April 12, 2010

It's alive! (YAWP)

I've had gripes with the current state of WoW at the level cap, and I've been pretty vocal about it. Somewhere along the way Kadomi suggested that I should try the guild of bloggers, Single Abstract Noun. On friday I took a firm grip of myself and rolled a toon on Argent Dawn-EU.

Bullcopra was reborn. Like some of the readers may remember, Bullcopra was the first character I've played for any longer time than session, and even though he was on a private server, it's the toon I fondly remember as my first. Tauren Warrior with attitude. Yes, SAN is a horde guild.

This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning my toons on Thunderhorn-EU. As it happens, I just crossed 40k gold on my banker, my main just got his first Frost Emblem gear upgrade (cloak) and my dk over there hit 450 in jewelcrafting. So more or less, the kind of mini-advancements have been going on in each of the areas I've been putting some emphasis on.

I've come to the conclusion that my main is a sort of loonie-magnet: all of the last PUGs I've been with him have been collections of abusive characters and group quitting rage. It has always been the fault of the tank, whatever the case.

I can't be that bad, and I refuse to believe anything like that.

Then again, the PUG I took with my dk yesterday was a flair: everything went smooth, the tank got some bashing from the mage who couldn't contain herself (aggro wise) even though everything went fine. The curious part was the tank thanking me for taking care of one or two of the casters in the trash: knowing how troublesome they are, I just Gripped them into the D&D area and within the reach of the tank's Clap. Simple, yet effective, and I didn't think about it. It was just something I had wished the dk's in my main's groups had done in Utgarde Keep.

On the Argent Dawn side, I noticed some things which bugged me grossly. First of all, the starter areas have been nerfed to zero. There are no hostile creatures within the starting area. Well, maybe one (like Sarkoth in the orc/troll area), but when you have to encounter that one, you are already overpowering it. You just cannot die in there, really, and because of that, part of the thrill of beginning your journey is lost. There is no fear of dying.

The other thing is the upgraded regeneration which plays pretty big role in the beginning. Your character regains HP almost as fast as one single mob can deliver. I had to check the situation a couple of times to believe it, because as far as I remember, Tauren do not have regenerative abilities.

Long story short: I didn't remember how fun and cumbersome the levelling up a new toon was. The DK kickstart - even though it is excellent in many ways - doesn't come nowhere near the experience of starting a completely new character from zero after such a long time in the high tiers of the power pyramid.

But you have to have open eyes to enjoy it.

And I have. Plus the good chatty company helps.