Friday, September 11, 2009

Year one, pass

The blog has been around for a year. Sadly I noticed after a few posts that the date I posted the first post was pretty badly chosen, but let's not stick to that.

A lot has happened over the last year. My main toon has changed from Holy Priest Pupunen to Protection Warrior Laiskajaakko, which I levelled from zero to hero during that time. Now facing with the situation that the story is at it's end and the repetitive instance grind is about to begin, I can still undersign what I wrote in my third post:
Make me a Call of Cthulhu rpg in which your actions will decide whether you end your days in an asylum or die in a horrible ritual for the Old Ones or are the one to conduct such a ritual. Make a game in which our decisions make the progress of the game different.
Not even Cataclysm is promising that, even though the Wrath of the Lich King provides the illusion that I'm making the difference with my character.

I have formed a guild and closed it, joined a casual raiding guild and found home. Home in a sense that I feel I'm with similar minded people who take their playing seriously in wanting to best the content, but being lighthearted about their attitude towards the company and the game as whole. I've been frustrated over the game, over the blog, over the whole scherade of entertainment, and been exhilarated by everything only a few posts later. I do not dare to plunge back to the posts, they would most certainly build up some interesting new posts and ideas which I would forget before the next post I read.

Thank you for the nearly 6.000 page views and several daily visitors. I'm still wondering who is the brave one who visits the blog daily from Singapore: this one is the regular visitor of the year, being the one I can time my blog posts almost to the minute.

All in all, thank you all commentors and visitors. This blog would be around without you, but it would be a lot more boring place without the comments.

And about the comments. I haven't regretted that I have switched them to Disqus: a lot of dung has been automatically removed and the quality of the comments and critiques (?!) have been civil. I hope people would get enough courage to comment even more, bring out their opinions and -occasionally- give a pat on my shoulder.

It really means that much.

That's all. The Three Stooges will ride any day now and till eternity.