Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sidestepping and tap dancing

After a great success comes the experience which puts you into your place. Learned a lesson yesterday that you should never ever hurry an instance, even a hc with Ulduar-geared people, and I'm very grateful for that. It was no-one's fault it was cut short after a wipe caused by a series of mishaps, and I surely hope that no-one took offense on my oneliner about a lesson learned.

Anyhow, that was the part about tap dancing: you learn everytime you do something and the more you do the more you learn. I was reminded that all it takes is practice, failure and practice. Meaning in short terms to PUG whenever possible and with as varied groups as possible. Hoping for a guild run for gearing up in the middle.

The sidestepping part is that I installed and created first toon to DD Online. Why? The downtime of WoW frustrates the living daylights off of me. And it's free, almost triple-A MMO available to all.

Created a Cleric in Khyber-server, male by the name Broaghan Perpignan. If you happen to 'live' in that server, please nudge me if you see me. The reason is as simple as wanting to group with like minded people in a game which enforces grouping.

My initial thoughts about DD Online are mixed: its very simple and actually quite pretty game, which works nice and smooth, but the forced grouping and combat system cause twitching. My son, 8 years, came to see what I was doing and his first comment was "Oh, you started EQ2 again", only to be followed by "Look, Murlocs!" after I explained it was not EQ2: Sahuagins look like overgrown murlocs for sure. The clicking in combat makes my interest for the game decline, though, and combined with forced grouping it causes total lack of interest.

I'm starting to feel that I'm the negative magnet in the grouping side in any game I join. In DDO I was invited to join a group almost immediately I got through the tutorial (with Sahuagins and all), and I found myself in a group with another cleric. We dove into the warehouse of sorts and this other fellow had faster fingers and better connection or something, as he looted everything we saw. Leaving me with almost nothing. Him being the group leader it was a drag.

The biggest problem in my mind was the fact that the dungeons progress the pace of the 'fastest' or the one who triggers the GM event: In my case I could be standing at the entry door of a cave, trying to loot the few copper coins from a smashed box when the other triggered the event at the exit of the cave. In at least one case there was graphics involved, of which I saw only part, missing the cue to move on.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings about this game. Perhaps I can make myself give it another try and get myself some more motivation to practice my grouping skills in WoW a bit more. Using one game to boost motivation in another.

Just typical.