Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New dawn after the dark

I have to admit that my last posts have been dark, gloomy and negative overall. Mostly due to my frustration on the gear-centric approach of WoW which really hits you smack in the face when you get to the level cap. You are worth jack without capping certain figures, even though you might as well pass the skill side. You are evaluated by your 'face value' which is that of your stats and gear.

Knowing that that doesn't change later on makes it even more disturbing, though the first threshold is that of getting above that 'capped' level in the crucial stats. For tanks, def cap for heroics and more if you're looking for Naxx and above. It can be a pain if you cannot get into groups, but grouping at below norm def cap is neigh impossible.

I want to be rated by my performance, not by my gear, especially if it's close enough to make it.

This point was proven yesterday in daily heroics. It was a guild run, granted, with two guild newcomers (me and a rogue), and my first time tanking in a heroic. Granted, the Ulduar level gear does miracles to cover the lack in the group, but still I was tanking and I lost aggro only once when our rogue got a bit trigger happy. We had only one death, no wipes and it was fast and clean run.

Sure, the dps was fast enough not to cause any problems, but still I see I performed well. Tank's job is to keep the boss pounding on him and keep the other's safe, up and doing their dps/healing/what ever they are doing.

And I did exactly that. With 22k unbuffed hp, which is 'inadequate' in local /trade calls for LFM. With 542 def to help the healer to stay on top of the damage. I was especially taken for the private comments after the run that "you tanked good for being there for the first time ever". This from a guildie doing weekly Ulduar really felt great!

Of course, it's a learning process, and for the first time since hitting level cap I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Not only lacking stats or inadequate feeling of not being able to group ex-guild.

And now I can laugh at the LFG calls stating: "DK LFG, 28k HP UB, 560 def cap". Yea, you're a moron for not checking your stats. As well as the next guy calling for [Epic] for ToC normal...

This success gave me confidence on my skills, too. Meaning that I can be in charge of the group in a heroic, fake it if need be, and still make the day.

It's good to be a tank when you pass the gear test. But sucks before capping the crucial stats.

It really does.