Thursday, September 3, 2009

Twitching, twitching...

Memoirs of a newbie lv80 with inadequate gear continue. Last nights experiments: Argent Tournament and Wintergrasp.

Argent tournament. What can I say, I hate PvP and PvP style playing. The first 'tournament' style quest (daily) is the Argent Aspirant quest, in which you have to beat 3 NPC's in jousting. I found out I suck in that particular game style, and I mean totally. I quit after the tenth try, without winning any. I just can't deliver. The darn jousting event is too twitchy to my fingers and fine motorics to be enjoyable, or even vaguely beatable.

I hate Argent Tournament and resent PvP. The reputation comes from the repeatable dailies and that's all.

This being said, I was to avoid the whole Wintergrasp due to PvP resentment. It happened by accident, as the fishing daily was the one in which you have to fish Terrorfish from the Wintergrasp area. Oh, joy.

But much to my -pleasant- surprise, as I was flying around the lake from which the fish is caught, the Wintergrasp had just started. All of a sudden I was invited to the foray, and I landed conveniently to the Workshop just as the machines of destruction had started to roll out! Off we went and the Achievements started rolling in.

With the final one being Victory of Wintergrasp.

I can't say that I didn't enjoy the disorganized chaos within the combat. Had my computer and connection worked to the perfection, I might have even loved the foray. I suppose I should put a national lottery in today, as everything with the slightest of luck went awry yesterday: Windows had decided to download and install some update, and that was most probably stalling my machine for the most part.

This being said, I know now how I will spend my time after cooking, fishing and Wyrmrest dailies. For I learned something yesterday which summarizes the whole playing session.

(this post should have been named by it's ending line)

How I stopped worrying and love PvP.