Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who would have thought...

...that Tobold and Gevlon could be the same person? At least according to the revelation Tobold made this morning...

I'm still waiting for the final post on Greedy Goblin to believe. Still, this only reminds on how easy it is to fool people in the net, how easy it is to get face value in the 'public' eye and how easy it is to build a successfull blog by just being controversial. You don't even have to resort to the fool proof 8 step guide Syncaine put up... though that is easier and more repeatable.

Now what I'd like to know how much bull Tobold has told us as Gevlon if this was true? Is the money there, are the money making things real, are the apprentices really existing and whether he really is the sociopath in real life rather than the mild tempered 40+ scientist he claims? I know for sure Gevlon has left some bad blood around the 'net with his (IMO misintepreted) postings about certain blogposts of other bloggers, so I'm kind of waiting for some sort of apologetic verse in the final post.

Then again, I would like to see the sociopathic rantings on his blog from time to time: the controversial issues Gevlon postes usually hit right on the spot, even though the presentation usually is not quite the best possible. Also the more aggressive and straightforward way of presenting the contradictory thoughts is quite refreshing from time to time, and -if nothing else- causes people to think about the issue at hand. That is proven by the multitude of blogpost responses around the blogosphere (at least in the 60+ blogs I have on my reader...)

So be carefull on what you take as fact and on it's face value. Always take things with a little bit of caution.

That helps to filter the crap and not make it personal. After all, it's all a big show. This thing called Blogosphere.

EDIT: Like I said, I will not believe it until I see that post on Greedy Goblin. Gevlon's latest post has just gotten a new PS., stating that:
PS4: Tobold is being very funny today. My comment on the topic is this, and no more, all comments on my blog about Tobold's joke/experiment will be deleted.
So the plot thickens and we'll see what comes out of this. If this is just a prank from Tobold's side, his credibility is completely lost. If not, he has some work to do to gain his 'reputable' reputation back.

EDIT #2: Tobold came out of the closet and admitted that he is him and Gevlon is Gevlon. This being said I'm afraid that what I said about credibility will hold true for most of his former devoted readers. His mailbox will most probably be flooded with comments which he has to delete due to flamewar content.

Too bad, it would have been a great hoax as such. But then again, Tobold got the same message out with this one as he would have gotten with the twin-identity: use your own discredition and thinking when you are reading and evaluating the writings/posts/texts in the internet.