Monday, August 31, 2009

Mandatory DING post

DING 80!

There. Now that has been done -against my expectations!- the next step is confusing me.

You see, the current situation with Laiskajaakko, Protection Warrior, lv80 is such that the stats do not support heroics in any way: defence 465, armor 18k and hit points 18k. Now the uncrittable defence is 540, so there is a long way to that (ok, maybe not that long, maybe just change the greens to blues... even), and the 'required' or 'expected' hp to begin with is around 22k (which is not too far either, but still seems unattainable).

Lacking in these is a hindrance for my advancement in the end game content, mainly due to the fact that the server is downright top heavy. Well, which server wouldn't be these days, as the levelling is so fast and easy. But the server I'm playing in is very, very top heavy from the player experience, too: being one of the first generation servers, the 'oldest' playerbase comes from the time of launch. Some even preceding that. So the 'normal' content is pretty much skipped and the levelled alts are miraculously ushered through friendly grouping.

This is my paranoid view of the situation.

So what is my plan? To run as much reputation on Wyrmrest, Kirin Tor and others to gain at least reasonably presentable gear, while questing the world away and looking for group to normal instances. In short, gear up to the minimum for tanking: uncrittable and reasonable +stam.

Another thing which caught my eye the other day was a blogpost (which I forgot to bookmark again... or then the idea hit after skipping the post...): people are rather levelling the dps classes instead of the tanking classes because the dps isn't responsible for anything in a group. The tank is responsible of keeping the mobs hitting him like there was no tomorrow, and the healer is responsible for keeping everyone alive - starting from the tank, naturally. But the dps' are free as the birds from these refrains: they just try to deliver as much damage to the mob as possible, complaining about the tank not being able to keep the aggro and healer for not healing them properly. All the while they are not the ones calling the shots nor taking the responsibility of the group advancement.

And now, for the first time I've noticed the lack of tank classes in the game: at the cap. LFM tank and healer seems to be the call in the trade channel. Had I missed them earlier or did they just increase I capped?

Now I will never know...