Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grouping pains

Now I have proven to myself that it's way much easier to get invited into a group as a healer than as a tank. I levelled my priest Pupunen to lv60 only to get the new riding skill and accompanying flying mount to her, and even before that the invites to come and heal in the Hellfire Ramparts or Blood Furnace had started to come in. In fact, the moment I rode her through the Dark Portal at lv58 marked the beginning of the invites. If only I had the time to participate the runs, I would gladly do so. But currently, as she is my tailor-crafter for my trading company, I'm not really playing her at all. Only levelling when the whim strikes me.

On the other hand, with my tank toon, Laiskajaakko, I have to do some real and dirty work to get into a group. Granted, he's currently at level 76, about half a ding short of cold weather flying, but still. I can go asking, begging, even paying for a group, but there always seems to be tank or two available in a group.

Or the group is looking for a speed run through the instance. Ok, a boost from a higher toon of someone's capped raiding toon.

Which just sucks.

Like I have posted several times earlier, a new and upcoming tanking class player is in a difficult spot to earn her/his spurs in the group instancing due to the fact that a) a tank is a crucial part of the group, b) the Northrend levels have more players who have capped toons (and usually know how to play) and c) the tank is supposed to take active leader role in the instance. Or at least be able to pull the group through the instance at steady pace (according to the people who have gotten used to plough through the instance at lightning speed).

I feel tempted from time to time just to jump the bandwagon and take up my lovely priest: as Discipline she is quite well versed in both damage dealing and healing, and as it happens, her first Hellfire Citadel run provided her with only healer boss loot (save one mace), so she's pretty adequately geared for the level, too. Whereas my tank is well geared with the Kaluak reputation chest and some very nice quest loot giving him some 15k armor and 15k unbuffed HP, which naturally should be higher. But what the heck, he's still levelling and the last Nexus run showed that I can now hit TPS in the range of 2.2k-2.8k and keep three paladins at bay with that.

But still, I'd rather group than solo. Even through Wrathgate.