Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newfound interest

Holy macaroni!

After I found out how to make scrolls with my enchanter (Pupunen), my ventures in the AH have gotten a new twist. The market potential is enormous, as no-one is really providing the lower level scrolls! The majority of the scrolls in AH are aimed for the end game people, the raid enchants being at the top of the list. But very, very few twink enchants or 'generic' levelling enchants are available.

I've made decent profit already from disenchanting and scroll making, almost paid back my flying and three mounts I got for Laiskajaakko last week.

Which reminds me of the next patch, in which the travelling is even more dumbed down. I have finally gotten the flying skill and mount, and now they nerf the flying in Outlands completely: fly right away when you come in! What is this!?

Thank you Blizzard for making MY personal achievement feel like stolen treat. Next I suppose they will nerf the Heroics so that you can enter them right away when you enter Outlands and complete the normal version. And make them soloable for the proper level toons.

Nerf the whole game, then.

Till that, I'm going to reap the benefits from my newly found interest in AH: disenchanting for scroll enchanting...