Monday, June 22, 2009

Impossible situation?

I've taken my priest, Pupunen, out of the storage again. Respecced her to Discipline, only to discover how much more efficient Disc is in damage dealing compared to Holy. Truly, Discipline suits better to the soloing up and occasional grouping, with it's lacks in healing side and all.

The server I'm playing in is a peculiar one. Especially the Alliance side: all the epic gear prices plummet within few days way, way below Allakhazam values. And at the same time, I'm selling pre-BC scrolls with huge profit, practically without competition. Epic which Allakhazam gives the price of 2500g is left unsold at 700g: this cannot be a sign of a healthy AH or end game farming. Phaelia's Vestments: last price I saw was around 2000g, when it's being reported being sold for 5000-6000g on other servers.

Is this server over farmed at the moment?

The requirements in the LFM announcements in the trade channel tell the same: LFM for Naxx10, must have achievements for bosses. Must have epics to prove. Every announcement requires achievements to make certain you have done it and accomplished the deed. I bet Greedy Goblin would love this situation. No more M&S's ruining the day, right?

Then again, I'm way too casual to pay any heed on this. I want to experience the game, and I want to experience the content. If it requires me to gain achievement before I can experience it (dilemma?!), then I think I won't experience the content as it is. If the only way to enter the raiding scene is to buy myself the gear to fulfill the requirements to be able to enter the raid from which the gear drops, then there has to be something very awry about the whole end game concept.

The more I think of this, the more I'm trying to stay away from the WotLK. The more I postpone the purchase of it.

Well, with Pupunen I have found new joy in the lower level grind and questing, and I most probably will be pretty happy with that.

Oh, by the way. My middle son, age 11, plays on another server. He has a draenai shaman, and he's just entered the Ashenvale. On the way there he created a minigame for himself: Azeroth racing. You see, there are these trees and roots which arc so that you can run underneath them. Obvious lap arcs you can see in racing games... We had loads of giggles about this as he ran through Darkshore to Ashenvale, skidding all over the road to find the lap gate...

What's your minigame Blizzard doesn't reward you about?