Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I achieved something

I sat down by my computer yesterday and got an achievement I hadn't even thought about. It said something like "Level 70" and all of a sudden I noticed that Laiskajaakko could fly! Well, being a warrior, he required a mount and skill, but that 800 g for the skill and 100 g for each mount was pebbles for the ability to explore the areas in the Outland without setting a foot on the ground.

So I also got Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley explored and I was feeling pretty spiffy about it. But then I thought how easy it is to get the exploration done in Outlands compared to the same in the Old World and it made me cringe. Also the quest achievements are way easier in Outlands than in Old World, even if you take the total needed to cover the whole area. I bet I'll be having Loremaster of Outlands way before either Loremaster of Kalimdor or Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms due to the fact that the Outlands seem to be so much more achievable, both time and effort wise.

Next stop... well, I don't know! It'd take 5000g to gain the Artisan Flying skill, and at this level the money making possibilities seem a bit limited. I guess I'm sticking to the exploration achievements till I get enough time and courage to step into Northrend.

That will be a completely another story...