Friday, June 12, 2009

Newbie moments

Ok. I consider myself a newbie in the sense that I don't read Tankspot, Elitist Jerks and such to improve my performance: instead I want to learn myself... In a way, I don't believe that there is electricity in the fence, I have to pee on it myself.

But still sometimes I find myself smacking myself on the forehead for my own stupidity.

I have told, boldly, that I'm mostly checking AH currently. Mainly I'm hoping for the good deals to come up, and I haven't paid too much heed on the crafting side. Still, I have enchanter/tailor with both skills at around 280, sitting idle. My newbie moment considering this: I hadn't realized that the scrolls are made by enchanting.

My AH ballgame just got a new turn. Hello disenchanting and scroll manufacturing!

Before anyone comments that the lowbie scrolls are not worth it, I just checked the market: the only scrolls beside the ones coming from vendors and loot in AH are only for raiding people. The whole level area from 1 to 79 is being largely neglected in my server! So, I'm buying the vellums from Bishopgeorge (who is a scribe) and selling the enchants at the price I can make profit. Simple, eh?

The only problem is the vast amount of readers who will copy this... Crap. :P