Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's going on, really?!

So I decided to give this a try. Blogging I mean. Been reading blogs for sometime now, mainly focused on MMO's and gaming, so I guess there is next to nothing I can say about them that hasn't been said already somewhere.

But then again, has that ever stopped anyone else from commenting the same issues? I mean, people are linking from one blog to another and saying both nice and not-so-nice things about other bloggers opinions. Why wouldn't I?

I'm not going to stick only on the MMO's and gaming. I most probably will be ranting about my two 'loves': MMO's and lure-coursing. Naturally the latter means that I will be crossing the ever sensitive issue of dogs and training, too. Which -sure as sunset- will not gain me any friends or positive comments. But it's my blog and I will cover whatever crosses my mind.

Like just now: I left my car to the garage for some extra maintenance that was scheduled a couple of weeks ago, when the car was in the normal, km-based service. Some parts were not in the shop, so they rescheduled the rest of the jobs for today. Mind you, that was two weeks ago.

Now I received a call from the service: sorry, but the parts haven't arrived yet, and you have to reschedule the maintenance. Come again?! The date was decided on the fact that they would receive the needed parts for today, right?

So what is going on in there? Bad planning, next to not existing customer service and so on?

Oh, yes, the current situation is that the secondary repairs they were making are now open. They couldn't even complete the jobs that were on the list!

Well, thankfully the car is leased, so there is not a dime in it from my side. But it pisses me off because it's me who is suffering from their incompetence.

And just to clarify. BullCopra was the first ever WoW toon I played over lv40. There you go, curious people.


Oakstout said...

Welcome to the insanity.

stylishcorpse said...

I dunno, I rather liked being given instructions in Finnish. :D good luck with it!

Copra said...

Oh my! Did I get it working?! Thanks and cheers, mate!