Friday, September 12, 2008

To WAR or not to WAR?

"That is a serious question". Had to make that quote, just loved the original one when I last played the game.

On to the subject. Being part of the Casualties of War I'm facing the dilemma of either playing overseas or separating from that great bunch of people and staying in the EU servers. Not that the question would be so actual, since I'm more a follower than a trend setter. That means actually that I want my playing experience to be as smooth and bugless as possible.

There is this serious doubt of being alone in the dark if I join the Casualties in their quest in the US servers. Tobold stated the problem very accurately in his earlier post, so I won't delve into it any deeper. I have tried it in WoW and in EQ2, and in both cases I have been very disappointed. Even though there were fellows from the guilds available at my playing time, it wasn't anywhere near the experience I received when playing in the EU server. That would be in WoW, naturally. The population was missing, it was always night and the social contacts diminished to the guild chat stutter. It wasn't the guilds fault in either case, it was the 10 hour time difference that killed the fun.

Not very encouraging, really.

Then again, the guild system of WoW sucks anyhow. There is no incentive to be either active, in a guild or to work for the guild except the immense ego boost one gets from being an officer. And for what? Bigger epeen? Anyhow, this comes from a person who missed the lv60 instances by a few weeks and hasn't been able to get even the first toon to level cap in any game. I'm a gaming noob, doomed to be one forever.

So I'm very much worried over the next few weeks (or months, knowing myself) when I feel I have to make the decision. Till then I will be playing WoW with my two brothers as a team, taking the instances as we go.

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