Monday, September 22, 2008

I survived the party

Ah... Back in reality. My brother had his batchelor party on friday and the rest of the weekend went in getting fit for the real life. Not because of the party but because of the lack of sleep.

Anyhow, as there was nothing scheduled I made a new alt for myself and my son: a gnome warlock. Something I haven't played yet in both race and class. Race because I'm horde person, I resent the whole alliance cuteness. My immersion in fantasy games starts from selecting the least humanlike, well, humanoid race. Meaning that there is nigh on the ally side.

Warlock. Let's say that I have so far liked the damage dealing capabilities and now as I finally got the Voidwalker, it really shows. But... being just a mage with a personal tank is so boring. I got myself playing it to lv13 and I just had to switch to my warrior. It was too boring hitting the sequence and watching that the Void just kept pounding.

So I switched from one boredom to another: Cyclonian quest chain. The Burning, Thundering and Cresting Charms. Drop rate abysmal. Respawn decent. Travelling involved.

At least it was the last part of the chain, as I had already conquered the Stranglethorn and had done there quests two-three levels above me. During the Cyclonian so far I have gained 6 levels, travelled far and wide and the more I think of it, I have started to believe that this class quest line is grinding and boring because of that only to make certain that the warrior player really knows what is his place later on in the game. Take the pounding and smile.

I'm not smiling yet, as the worst part is coming: downing the Cyclonian itself. I've done that once earlier with my Horde warrior, who is pure protection. Lovely Tauren lady, I just loved to play her as she has the Warstomp racial. Real lifesaver once in a while, which I'm missing with this puny human. But I've scheduled Cyclonian to a time when my personal healer is online: he'll keep me alive and going as the darn Elemental keeps pounding.

It's great to have personal aides around, now isn't it?


Pete said...

Is that the quest to get that big 'ol whirling axe? Somewhere around level 30? Sorry, my WoW memory is pretty dusty, but I remember this rather painful long quest line that ended up with my having a HUGE axe which was really fun to spin around with... :)

Unknown said...

Yes, exactly. It's the darn quest line you get after the Berserker stance to equip with the coolest axe till lv50 or something.

Whirlwind Axe.

Pure pwnage!