Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost my appetite (yawp)

Oh, well, another weekend with Rift Beta, in which I spent only a short moment. Instead, I plunged into the AH game in WoW and had - almost as short - moment with Gnomore.

Positives first: I broke 100k gold in Sunday, 121 312g this morning to be exact. This makes it about 50k in less than three weeks, not to mention all the materials I've been stockpiling and have waiting for processing on my three main crafters. Mind you, I'm not doing this as my main attraction (though it seems that way): I have enough time to pull a thing in here and another there, but not enough to plunge into a LFD PUG or quest meaningfully in the new areas.

Gnomore hit level 17 and I had some strange things to happen... All in all, I noticed that I have very hard time in logging into Gnomore because the playing is pretty intense. The general mindset I have on this toon is very, very different from the gung-ho mentality I have with other toons. In addition to that, anyone claiming that it's hard to get any money as a starting character can look at themselves: Gnomore at level 17 has 444g only through gathering professions and selling the materials in AH. Normal character has quest rewards and assorted loot to sell, too, so they should have even more at level 20. Definitely enough at higher levels despite the increasing skill costs. So hush and go loot something, like I tend to say to beggars.

Which brings us to the not so positive things. Rift is one fine game, but as it happens, the players are drifters from other - not so great - games. They bring their limitations, expectations and views along with them, most notably the spam in the chatrooms about how Rift is this and that other game is so much better and so on.

I learned a few things about myself and my playstyle in one encounter in Rift. It effectively took my appetite for future betas, and I really honestly began to doubt if I really want to be part of the Rift community. Then again, the community consists of players, and if I'm out, the community will be less me.

I was exploring with my level 17 Pyro/Archon/Ele in the second Defiant area, Stone-something. It's an area for levels 18 upwards (I think, the mobs are that range), so I was really exploring an area where no sensible player would go at that stage. My experience with Gnomore however has lead me into this, to challenge the odds and see how far I can trek.

Anyhow, I came to the settlement in there and as it happens there was a cave nearby, behind a cathedral of sorts. I sneaked past a couple of groups of mobs and got into the cave. There was a party of two in, killing mobs and by a custom I launched my - due to level difference - feeble fireballs into the mobs. Yup, the mobs were level 24, seven levels above my toon, so I barely made an odd point or two damage here and there. My mistake was that I wasn't paying attention to the chat at that point, as there was something said that was probably aimed at me.

You see, one of the pair said that "you should stop leeching" and "ok, kill the next ones yourself" and I didn't understand a)who was saying that, b)to whom it was said to and c)what it was related to. Turned out that it was meant to me and that I was leeching the pair doing the 'hard work'.

Now color me pink and call me Daisy, but I understand leeching to be something involving gaining something from others hard work. Like Larísa of the Pink Pigtail Inn, when she leeched the Headless Horseman pumpkin event: she did it because the game froze and she just got the reward from other players work. It's the same as playing WoW Battlegrounds and AFKing to get the points for it, doing nothing.

Leeching is to me to gain something from others, doing nothing yourself. In this case, I was doing (even though it was in vain) and I wasn't gaining anything as the mobs were normal world mobs and there was no group event around.

When I pointed out and challenged this view of the vocal person in the pair I was told the following:
* It is rude to leech - of course, I wouldn't approve it
* I was leeching because I wasn't contributing - I was contributing to the best of my ability
* That point or two was hardly contributing, I shouldn't be here - Oh...
* At that level I shouldn't have even been there - ...
* Because I didn't ask, I was rude, impolite and leeching.

Anyone knowing me ingame knows I'm very polite, treat even the jerks with utmost respect and correctness and very seldom use any derogatory terms, especially with strangers like this.

In the end, I took the pounding of one mob in the cave, gave the vocal one the satisfaction of seeing me fail like that (really) and trekked even further into the zone after resurrecting myself and healing.

But I felt very bad about the whole incident. Had I misunderstood something? Was I really acting improperly and rudely? Am I to be confined to the 'safe and proper' areas for questing?

So I logged out after taking a soul portal to Meridien and didn't even look back to Rift after that.

Goes to show how one rotten experience can spoil the whole fun for you. I wonder how a newcomer to any MMO will react or feel when s/he encounters the "L2P NOOB" wall of scream in the first group event s/he takes part in...

Was I really playing it wrong?