Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend's over

Had a terrific start for a weekend. Already in Thursday I felt like I had a ton of sand in my eyes and a runny nose accompanied with appropriate amount of sneezing. Bless you, thangk yoo, all that stuff. Friday I lived through, even checked my current AH mule only to discover that I'd made over the 2k mark on the new one, hurrah. So now I'm sitting on about 3.5k gold with my ally toons, not counting the guild bank reserves in.

And then was the Saturday morning, with the Twisted Nether Live Podcast. For me it was pretty decent, the show started at 7:30 am, but for certain Brits, Scots and Irish people it was quite an achievement to wake up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning to listen to the show. Won't go to the details, but it was nice. There are some other reports about the hangover, the best IMO being BigBearButt's one. I will attend to the next one, for certain, if I'm around civilized areas then.

Saturday and Sunday I was relaxing. In fact, Saturday went nicely by levelling Pupunen from 42 to 45, all the while trying to get into Western/Eastern Plaguelands: I know, I know, it's 50-60 area, so I did the cooking quest Clamlette Surprise. Which is a great drag in all possible ways. Zesty Clam Meat drops from all giant turtles, though I learned AFTER completing the quest that Nagas in Feralas drop the clams in masses... In fact, I grinded the Giant Eggs needed for the quest in Hinterlands first, bought the 10 Zesty Clam Meats from AH (yea, lazy me) and as I was in Hinterlands I got the drunken griffon rider quest to gather materials for the stiff drink he needs. Which in turn led me to Feralas, where I fulfilled the quests in Feathermoon Stronghold, killing the Nagas in the dozens and trying to get to the level where I could beat the Irofur Bears and Groddock gorillas. Naturally for their intestines, which you cannot collect from everyone of them.

I admit, I got bored at about the time I had dinged 45, and it was already late, so off we went. What I'm especially proud of is the fact that I manged to do three levels higher quests with Pupunen quite easily, pulling level 46 mobs while being 43 and sometimes even dealing with two at a time. Being holy doesn't really suck.

Sunday was dedicated to AH (another 300g profit) and Laiskajaakko. I started the long quest chain from Winterspring -Sister Pamela- from Jessica Redpath, and travelled to Western and Eastern Plaguelands. What a travelling back and forth that is! However, the story in the questline is excellent and I fullheartedly recommend that to all. I didn't quite get to the point of The Battle of Darrowshire, but I'm lookind forward to the raid (!) level finale of the quest line.

Finally both Bishopgeorge and Förgelös came online and we tried a threesome in Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts. Which went a lot smoother than with a full 5 man group, mainly because there were the holy trinity available and all knew exactly what they were doing: prot warrior tanking, rogue DPS'ing and priest healing. Somehow I started to wonder the damage output of the rogue, because he was at almost half of what the protection warrior put out. Granted, there was 3 levels gap in there, but still. 

We cleared the instance to the last two bosses, and called it a night. Not because the mobs were too much or we were overwhelmed, but because we ran out of time. You better respect the wife aggro from time to time, right?

All in all, great weekend. I only just learned that Förgelös had forgotten to train his lovely lv60 skills, so he was really lacking from the skill side instead of gear. What a relief. Next time we own.

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