Friday, November 7, 2008

World economy

Just a short thought that popped to my mind while reading some financial news: how and when will the failing world economy effect the MMO's in general? At what point will the monthly fee be too much for the understanding parents to pay for their kids or when will it become enough steep for the student working to finance her/his studies to pay for the game?

And even more importantly: at what point will the industry itself be forced to either cut their expenses or rise the fees to survive?

Because looking at the situation from any angle, it's only beginning. I wish good luck to Barack Obama and his lieges on solving the financial problems before taking into anything else promised in the election speeches. After all, it all comes down to stabilising the finances.

"Follow the money".

Tonight is the only time available for playing. The whole weekend is booked for other entertainment. Which in turn is related to the next competition season and next summer's activities. Which is nice for a change.

But tonight... I don't know what I want to do. Will I take Laiskajaakko, my warrior, and work out some reputation for the Ram? Or do I take Pupunen, my healer to AH and then to some instances? Most probably I will decide on the fly, what happens to strike my fancy at the time when I login. Maybe, just maybe, I will do the first game post, as suggested by Hudson. Ok, that was a lame linking to get some traffic, but hey, I have already told you all that I will be fishing for more! And that was as futile attempt to gain more cross linking to this blog.

Just a few hours still before I login. Let the party commence!


Elementalistly said...

What is amazing as sales of various products and services take a downfall..
Game sales are up, and time on the Internet is up.

I think we as a people are in a transition of culture.
The immediacy of gaming and the Internet outweighs scheduled TV or Movies.

We cannot go out to eat as often or drive anywhere we please or take trips, so the cheapest form of entertainment is right in our offices and living rooms.

I think this will all start to even out soon as the US economy shores up with the new president.

Bill Clinton (New Democrat) fixed the last mess that the last Bush put into place (failed measures, taxation, etc.)

I have a feeling we will survive this correction of our economies, and our world issues.

Cheers mate

Unknown said...

Just read an article in a local paper on how Fallout3 has been a huge success in here, too, and how it's still generally accepted that the games are just toys for kids instead of the multi-million entertainment industry it really is. Perhaps the best buck per minute in entertainment which the games provide is starting to dig in to the 'normal peoples' thinking, too.

The other thing is, will the latest WoW patch change be seen in the subscriber numbers... You see, Blizzard tried to make the joining to Private Servers a bit more harder for the regular player by removing the realmlist.wft file... Think I write about that next.