Saturday, April 2, 2011

Warm fuzzy feeling...

I got my first ever 'hatemail' in WoW this morning as I was checking my dwindling jewel sales. I posted some gems at around 250g price range, while the competition there was at 550g, and I got a 'concerned' whisper from the owner of that bid, that I'm always undercutting so much and ruin his clever operation.

Let me make this straight right here and now. I have only once undercut forcefully, when this particular 'merchant' had outrageous prices for Reckless Ember Topaz. You could purchase the raw Ember Topazes below 35g at that moment, and the prices were over 200g. So I sold mine at the same price range as ever, bit higher, being 65g. Sold all five in minutes, posted five more and so on.

Now I just posted 6 of the gems in question and I was about to cease the AH game altogether. However, this kind of clever merchant conduct incited something at the back of my head, which I try to get rid of...

I may return and ruin that one market. Given the proper push, there may be a shove coming.

We'll see.