Monday, April 4, 2011

Never so scared (yawp)

It seems that the nature is doing it's best - and worst - to make sure that my time at the computer, playing games to be more precise, is coming to end. Or at least very restricted. You see, the winter has been very snowy, resulting quite a lot of - now melting - snow. Which has a nice weight to volume ratio as of now, where it earlier was just fluffy lovely thing.

This has caused some nice structural difficulties to out sauna cabin, which has been built at the golden 70's, and has a surprisingly stupid roof construct. You see, the roof is flat. And yes, the drainage pipes are frozen solid. And yes, the water is weighing a ton on a roof where there is also ice tearing through the top material.

In short, it's spring and the roof is leaking. That's going to be my passtime after work from now on...

The games I've played... oh my. Like I reported earlier, I got my first ever love letter hate mail concerned merchant whisper from a 'gem magnate' on the server. The fuzzy tinges passed by right after I had logged in with my spriest and ran through some normals at level cap. Oh, bore. If I score among the best of the dps with less than reasonable gear, then I'm doing it wrong. In just one group out of five I ran I was dumped into the bottom of the roster, but it was redeemed as the rest of the group noticed they had logged into a normal by 'accident' instead of a heroic. My item level was at least 30 points lower than their...

Gnomore has now two sessions of pictorial available for crafting into posts, and I feel I've gotten good winds under him. More to come, for sure

Visited Rift, too, and finished the first part of the World Event. Nothing much to report except that I now remember again how I like the PvP while at the lower part of the level bracket. First you can't even get any damage on the higher ones (despite the 'tuning up') and secondly you are tossed around like a ragdoll. Still I had to run warfronts just for the sake of it. In the first one I got a nice revelation, though. I was wondering why my skills were greyed out on my UI, as I couldn't even get my buffs up. Never the less, I was beating some Guardian scum to dust with the aid of another player when I accidentally pulled up my souls... only to notice that the points had been resetted due to the recent patch!

Note to self: always read the messages which pop on screen after login.

The main attraction (besides Planescape: Torment and Crossfire) was, however, Penumbra: Overture. How on Earth have I been able to dismiss this game?!

More importantly, how on Earth/Telara/Azeroth/Sigil I was introduced to the game by my son!?

In a way, if MMO's are taking up too much time on single session, don't even think about taking up Penumbra or Amnesia from the same company. You either get so scared you don't want to see the games ever again, or you just cannot quit before checking behind the next turn of the tunnel... or the next door... or

oh my god... they found me... THE HAND!!