Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The war is over

The war is over for now for the Rookies Academy in EVE. Apparently the furious and blindly devoted fight of the 50 odd frigates against fully fitted battlecruisers caused some sort of admiration, as the final straw of the conflict was an alliance between the two warring corporations! In fact, Rookies Academy (RA) heard pretty amazed comments about the will to fight from the opposing players that it left -at least me- us amazed, too.

It's very different to fight for your existence than for some new purple loot. RA was defending our Player Owned Structure (POS), which made the war even more significant, and our Corporate CEO (Guild Master) had fitted the POS in such a way that the enemy couldn't even approach it without being hit severely. However, the most of the conflict was settled in fights around the local Stargate and nearby Station.

This reminds me of old posts I have written about a game I would like to see, where I mentioned that it would be great to have player owned dungeons which they could defend against the competing raids. Or camp in the dungeons for certain periods of time.

EVE has them both. The forementioned POS is exactly that dungeon which the Corporation was defending. I dare to say that the co-operation within the fleet was so intense that you can never experience that in WoW, not even in a new progression raid. Really, we had only one aim and one directive: to keep the foe from reaching our POS. The few older players tried to teach the disorganized pack of rookies how to jam, tackle and scram (and stay alive, which was the hardest part of it all) while trying to make strategic decisions on how and what to do.

The dungeons you can camp for a period of time are some of the valuable Wormholes you can find within the solar systems by actively searching them with core scanner pods. This searching is a minigame of it's own, something I think I will be aiming to one day.

For now I'm going to prepare for another war by running as many corp missions as possible. Maybe even with our newly acquired allies, who knows?

Another thing: the latest EVE update, Tyrannus, is launching today. It may well change the plans, if the planetary exploration promised in the patch details holds true.

We'll see. While WoW is dwindling in the inbetween-patches state, EVE is adding more content. I'm happy.