Friday, May 28, 2010

Me and my mouth

First of all, I'm breaking my habit in posting on Friday. Which I try not to do because people do not read blog posts on Friday evenings. It's the lowest reader count day of the whole week, save weekend.

Second, I just stated how I turn into a zombie if I stay up late and wake up early. That was not preventing me from doing it again yesterday. Blame it on the Three Stooges, but I ran with my brothers through UK and UP normal. As trio, of course.

We checked all nooks and crannies in our search of secrets in both of them, and for some peculiar reason ended up killing Skadi and simultaneously resetting the encounter!? The second run went even smoother and resulted a clean kill.

All in all, UK and UP are a bit underrated, and IMO they are en par with the Hellfire Citadel's starter instance in many ways: linear, dragons, obnoxiously over-confident bosses and speedy completion even in a sight seeing tour.

If that wasn't enough, I had time to check my EVE account before entering WoW: Tyrannis installed without problems and everything was fine and spiffy. As I have reported, the corporation I'm in was in a war and now that war tagged corp is in alliance with us. During the war there was confident discussion how the enemies of our enemy would crush this corporation with us: now that discussion has turned into discussion on how can we survive the forthcoming assault of those enemies.

The interesting part of this is that the active part of the Corporation is already spiced up with the prospect of a new war: people are organising training for jammers, tacklers and support ship players, the resource gathering is on full force and there is a mission fleet running almost 24/7 as I write this.

Nothing makes you work more harder than an upcoming prospect of war.

But still, I blame WoW for the late night and my current state. Shame on you!

EDIT: Correction. I opened EVE-gate right after posting this, only to find corporate mail telling that the war has started already. Kind of abruptly and caught me with my pants on my knees. What an interesting weekend this spells!