Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rise of the second rate raiders

Wrath of the Lich King has matured to the stage where the hard core raiders are starting to get bored with mister Lich King himself and are bailing out of the raiding mouse wheel. Here and there in the blogosphere you can see posts describing this in a way or another.

The more stable and steady guilds are replacing their A and B teams the rate they can to keep the raiding rolling. It's the rise of the second rate raiders in the sense that the people who earlier had a snowball's chance in Hell to roll into the raiding core of the progression guilds are now asked for the raiding just to keep the progression of alts and preparation for the Cataclysm going.

If you didn't have any chance to be included into the raids earlier, now it's time to start grinding the Icecrown 5-mans and Weekly Raids for that shining, spiffy ICC level gear.

In a way this also will be reflected on the PUG announcements for ICC, because there will not be enough people to fulfil the obscene Gearscore and Achievement requirements, and even PUG's must yield to the lesser experienced players attending.

All casuals, now it's time to rise and join the constant onslaught of the Lich King! Forget Cataclysm, the end is neigh!