Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random thought: Nerfing the more accessible

I've had a terrible weekend and it seems that the rest of the week becomes as terrible, too. You see, real life has dictated that I shall not play the game (except for the short stints of keeping my AH business running).

Nevertheless, I have read more than one comment and post over the blog-o-sphere about how the low level instances have been nerfed still to make them more acceptable. I don't get it: first Blizz makes the instances more accessible to the people by the introduction of the new and improved Looking for Dungeon tool, even granting the extra reward for completing a random one with random people. But to nerf the content, still?

Maraudon was a pain in the behind, I agree, and I posted about it way back when my main was at level 50. It has been 'broken' into four 'wings' or areas I hear. Wailing Caverns I wrote about earlier, too, and stated that it has been nerfed so hard that it didn't even bring a sweat on the sub par geared group of the 'proper level range' and Shadowfang Keep is a joke at the moment.

Why nerf the content they made more accessible to all? Are they really so anxious and eager to get everyone up to level cap and kill Arthas/Lich King before they unleash Cataclysm over the old levelling content?

Why have they taken the challenge off of the old instances?