Monday, February 8, 2010

AH game and all

For the last week or so I haven't been able to play as much as I would have wanted to. Real life takes priority and so it should always be. I've had enough time to check and run my AH mule, a chore from which I've taken much pleasure: it's a completely different battleground over there.

What I've noticed lately -amazingly- is the fact that Titanium and Titansteel have dropped in price considerably. No wonder really, as they are the 'old news': Primordial Saronite is the new Titansteel, so the MUDflation takes its toll. The same has happened to the crafted gear which used to be around 2k just a month ago. They are around the material prices currently, making the crafters very sad trolls everywhere. A little point I wrote about in the Nomadic Gamer last week, or at least a tangent to that post in a way. Everyone wants to be the hero so no one cares about the ones wanting to be the master crafter. Because everyone IS the master crafter already.

The flipside of this top heavy game is the fact that the lower and especially mid level crafting materials are constantly rising in price. There is a known threshold at the crafting materials around the last levels in Old Azeroth and around the last levels of Outlands. Clearly the reason to this is the fact that people are skipping those last areas so totally that the gathering of materials from those areas is forgotten.

The implications in levelling new crafting skill through AH becomes pretty pricey around the middle of the craft's levels. And that's the area the AH game is the most interesting to me.

I don't fancy the overcompeted glyph market, nor the Netherweave bag market. Sure, they are the fire and forget markets with possibility to create fast and fabulous wealth (and I'm not that fast and fabulous... nor bored). It's the snatching the few underpriced mats from the market and flipping them to more proper prices that makes me tick in a way. Sure, I craft some from time to time, but just to fill the holes I see in the AH listings, mainly for enchantments and bags, but that's just some extra.

Now, if someone would explain to me why people are still buying the vanity pets from AH, the pets which are sold in Dalaran? The vendor sells them for 40g a piece, but you can sell one in AH for anything from 70g to 120g.

What is your way of putting some extra cash into your character's pocket?