Thursday, February 18, 2010

Come on people!

It's getting ridiculous. I should be taking screenshots of them.

I mean the requirements to join a PUG raid or instance through the /2 Trade calls.

"LFM weekly Anub'Rekhan, need 1 tank, 1 healer, dps. Achievement and GS check."
"LFM ICC10, achievement (pref for first 4 bosses) and GS 5.1K minimum."

Like what on Earth -or on Azeroth- are people thinking? Those are real calls, I'm afraid. Yesterday I saw a similar one for the current weekly on our server, Razorscale Must Die. To which I got myself, amazingly, only to learn that it's a very simple fight in the current gear levels (I have 2 piece T9, only, and it was easy), not something to call for an achievement or gearscore!

So has the need for fast, easy runs gotten too far? I think so. The ones calling for achievements, outrageous gearscore and incredibly overlevelling companions are in fact looking for the instant gratification for their time/effort. The same as the gogogogogo heroic runners.

If possible, people should take a step back and really think about it. How rewarding is it to down a boss which doesn't even have a slightest challenge?

I bet these people wouldn't do the grey quests, either, even if they are a part of the Loremaster achievement.

There are no badges to earn.