Thursday, July 2, 2009

Small steps

Yes. I went to a store and now I have full WotLK. But you can imagine my amazement when I logged in and found out that Förgelös had already activated his! With the devil hitting my mind -and as Bishopgeorge was online, too- I started to group Laiskajaakko and Förgelös... and Bishopgeorge upgraded his account!

The Three Stooges ride again, this time under the crisp boreal sky!

While I was travelling from Valiance Keep to Valgarde, where the two miscreants decided to land, I experienced my first Whoa! moment in Northrend. Or WoW moment, to be more precise.

The turtle ride from Unu'pe on was just a nice show of creating a scenic time sink. I rather enjoyed the scenery on the route, but what really bugged me was the waiting time at the dock: I'd rather be killing things -and naturally doing quests- than waiting for the transportation without any knowledge of the time it takes for the swimming/flying/teleporting thing to arrive!

That wasn't the WOW! moment. That moment came in the Howling Fjord: as I landed to Kamauga after two waiting times (longer than the rides themself, at least felt like it!), I noticed that the Valgarde was still a short trek on wards. The first interesting thing I noticed was that I was hunting the same creatures as the local wolves: to kill the prey or the predator, that's the question. Nice addition to the game dynamics, really.

The WOW! moment came when I stepped into the Ancient Lift. My gasp of amazement silenced our brotherly discussion completely. It was way more than anything in Outlands. I can remember my first time in Kalimdor with my newly created Tauren Druid -Bullcopra- when I had similar moments.

The trip was worth the boring quests and grind-like starting of the Howling Fjord quests.

I'm looking forward for more of the same, if the same is like the raid on the Ancient Lift.

The Three Stooges already made plans to enter Utgarde Keep. We will get beaten, but we'll have fun.

Oh, and the last small step: Förgelös applied to the same guild I have my application open. Now to get that lazy player of the priest to do the same, and we're rockin'.